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 Type of project   Self Initiated

 Duration   8 hours

 Role   Worked Alone

 Tools   User research, Style tile, Figma

In this assignment I redesigned the landing page of Grip's website. I worked on the redesign for 8 hours. Grip helps women find out more about their fertility situation by testing a few common risk factors and provide a plan of action with their team of doctors. The kit they sell is sent to the client's house, the client can collect a blood sample from the comfort of their house and send it back, Grip tests the blood like a fertility clinic would and provides a fertility report. They believe that every women should be able to have this insight without having to try to conceive for a year first (like they would be told if they would ask their GP for similar tests).


As a first step I sat with a friend who’s a good example for a potential Grip user, I instructed her to go through the website without telling her anything about Grip in advance and asked her to tell me everything she was thinking while going through it.
I noticed she found it hard to understand right away what Grip does so I decided to take on the challenge of redesigning the home page of the website.

Along with notes I got from her I started breaking down the page into colors and fonts and noted elements that I wanted to change.
I noticed some contrast issues that made it difficult to read some of the text so I decided to introduce a new color into the design - I went with a bold blue, it’s a split complementary combination with the existing brand colors in color theory and I also thought it’s a good addition because Grip has to do with since and data and blue is perceived as trustworthy and organized.

























I decided to change the order of subjects in the scroll to create a little journey for the user who’s coming to the website, first an introduction - I opted for a photo of the kit so it’s clear to understand what grip is selling (and also it’s beautifully designed!) then the explanation of how it works, the things grip tests for, how to use it, what people are saying about it, the team, follow us and lastly the privacy info.
Because of the change, I had to remove some of the buttons that said “Buy now” so they won’t be too repetitive. Since the top menu is in a fixed position when scrolling I changed the “Buy” clickable text into a primary button so no matter where the user is on the page she will have clear access to buying the kit.

I really like the organic shapes in the design but thought I could go a bit further and incorporate them more in the transitions between sections and in the overall design. I looked at OrganiCup & Callaly’s websites for inspiration since they speak to similar demographics and use soft organic shapes and colors in their design too.


Lastly I went over some of the copywriting and design elements like turning square corners into rounded corners that I thought would work better with the addition of the organic shapes and other small things I wanted to change for a fresh, clear, exciting and feminist design.

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